Hints & Tips


Speckled Chicken

- Modern Hybrid - Rhode Island Red and a Maran
- Prolific egg layer - up to 270 a year
- Eggs are dark chestnut brown in coloration, and often speckled
- Chicken coloration ranges from dark grey to silver 

Light Sussex

- One of the UK's oldest breeds, introduced more then 2000 years ago by the Romans
- Heavy set bird
- Good foragers
- Robust and very cold hardy
- Eggs are creamy to light brown in coloration, Medium size
- Production of up to 260 eggs a year

Blue Bells

- Hybrid between a Maran x Barred Plymouth Rock x Rhode Island White
- Placid nature
- Eggs are pale brown in coloration
- Can produce up to 250 eggs a year

Black Rocks

- Hybrid - Male Rhode Island Red and Female Barred Plymouth Rock
- Docile
- Friendly
- High immunity to disease
- Very resistant to red mite
- Prefer to have a reasonable area to forage
- Good layers, typically 230 a year, in ideal conditions up to 280.
- Eggs are brown in colouration


- They were originally regional fowl in France
- Sometimes found to be quiet birds
- Good layers
- They lay around 200 eggs a year
- Eggs are dark in coloration