Hints & Tips

Loyalty Card

We reward our loyal customers with the latest offers and a 5% discount off all purchases.loyalty-card.png

There is an initial cost of £10, and in return a card is issued from which point the card holder is entilted to 5% discount on all goods purchased from any of our shops (Queens Road/St Johns Road and Le Quesne's Nurseries in St Savours)

If you spend more than £200 in store in a single sale (i.e buying all your essentials etc for your new puppy, or a reptile and complete setup) then we will issue you a card for Free. Once you have your card it does not expire, and so you will be entitled to 5% off all your furture purchases.

All of our Loyalty Card holders are entitled to the following benfits:

  • 5% discount off all purchases
  • Updates about exclusive offers and savings

If your interested in purchasing a Loyalty Card please ask at any of our stores